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Wu Liang Ye

375ml | 52% ABV

Wu Liang Ye

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Wu Liang Ye is a Strong Aroma Baijiu from Sichuan and the leading brand in the category. Wu Liang Ye, brewed by following the formula of 5 grains integrating the flavors of different grains and the product is characterized by lasting flavors, mellow and luscious tastes, harmonious flavors, and abundant in flavor.

Wu Liang Ye was awarded the gold prize “National Famous Liquor” for many times. In 1991, Wu Liang Ye was apprised as one of the “top 10 well-known Trademarks” of China. In 1995, it was awarded the only gold prize for liquor products at Panama International Exposition, it was the second time Wu Liang Ye was awarded such unusual glory since the first time it was in 1915, 80 years ago. Up to present, Wu Liang Ye has been awarded 39 international gold prizes.

Baijiu | 375ml | 52% ABV | China

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